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Author(s) : Nasreen Askari, Hasan Askari

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

A lavishly illustrated volume of Pakistani textiles of extraordinary colour and vibrancy from one of the most arid areas on Earth. This stunning book showcases over 120 remarkable objects with a further 30 images of the textiles in use.

The Flowering Desert explores the history and craftsmanship, the styles and the stitches of textiles from Sindh in Pakistan, which, according to some scholars, was the crucible in which the textile traditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan were forged. It focuses on a spectacular private collection, parts of which have exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the National Museums of Scotland.

The textile crafts of Sindh are amongst the oldest in South Asia. A kaleidoscope of colour, mirrors and embroidery, Sindhi textiles feature motifs of the cosmos, desert flowers, peacocks, scorpions and sand dunes. The topography of the land has led to the emergence of styles of dress and ornamentation that have become markers of identity for the various tribes of the region. The inhabitants of the central plains have dyeing, printing, weaving and embroidery skills, whilst those who inhabit the plain between the west bank of the Indus and the Kirthar and Lakhi mountains employ finely embroidered geometric patterns with mirrors. The areas to the north are More …

Author(s) : Stella Rollig

Publisher : Prestel

Exhibition catalogue City of Women, Female Artists in Vienna from 1900 to 1938, presented at the Belvedere Museum, Vienna, Austria (until May 19, 2019).

Their names, however, are largely unknown today, and their masterpieces relegated to footnotes in history. Artists such as Elena Luksch-Makowsky, Helene Funke, Erika Giovanna Klien, Ilse Bernheimer, Maria Cyrenius, Friedl Dicker, Marie Egner, and Louise Fraenkel-Hahn are profiled in this book, along with vibrant reproductions of their works.

The remarkable stories of how many of these women found the More …

Author(s) : Diane Bilbey

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

This publication will be a highly visual celebration of the massively popular, but now largely forgotten, Britain Can Make It exhibition. Organised by the Council of Industrial Design, it was held in empty ground-floor galleries of the Victoria & Albert Museum, from September to December 1946. A ground-breaking, morale boosting exhibition, it showcased British design and manufacturing. Despite its short run, it boasted an incredible 1.

5 million visitors, and remains one of the most visited exhibitions ever held at the V&A. Long before the end of the Second World War hostilities, the government’s Post War Export Trade Committee recognised the importance of promoting the country’s manufacturing capabilities. Plans for an exhibition of ‘National Importance’ were set in place in October 1942, for an event that would illuminate the gloom of austerity, educate the public in the value of goo More …

Author(s) : Antonio Donnanno

Publisher : Promopress

This book is an essential and practical tool for designing and creating fashion accessories for men and women. Intended for fashion students and professionals, the book includes different pattern techniques for each accessory and explains production processes so that readers can incorporate them into their professional practice, in addition to identifying and providing the information needed to recreate a wide range of accessory models. It includes descriptions of materials, examples of patterns and designs and different possible finishes through illustrations, photographs, technical drawings and texts that clearly explain the production process of each artisanal and industrial piece. As items that provide personality and originality to one’s personal style, fashion accessories have become essential to completing the “look” for each occasion. With the help of this manual, having in-depth knowledge about the creation of different pieces, from a bag to a pair of shoes to hats, gloves, ties and buttons -even clothing for dogs-, is a great way to get started in this branch of the fashion field.

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Format (cm): 21 * 30

ISBN: 978-84-16851-61-4


Author(s) : Andrea Tomezzoli, Denis Ton, Xavier F. Salomon, Alessandra Kluzer

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

Tiepolo in Milan : The Lost Frescoes of Palazzo Archinto brings together preparatory drawings and paintings, as well as documentary photographs, to commemorate an extraordinary fresco cycle by the Venetian painter Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770). Painted for Palazzo Archinto in Milan, the frescoes were destroyed in a bombing during World War II. The catalogue accompanies an exhibition at The Frick Collection.

In 1730-31, Tiepolo undertook his first significant project outside the Veneto, frescoes for five ceilings in Palazzo Archinto in Milan. The paintings were commissioned by Count Carlo Archinto (1670-1732), likely in honor of the marriage of his son, Filippo, to Giulia Borromeo. Tiepolo’s mythological and allegorical scenes-Triumph of Arts and Sciences ; Apollo and Phaëton ; Perseus and Andromeda ; Juno, Fortune, and Venus ; and Nobility-were painted in some of the largest rooms of the palazzo.

Unfortunately, the palazzo was bombed during World War II and its interi More …

Author(s) : Suzanne Fagence Cooper, Richard Johns

Publisher : Paul Holberton

Ruskin, Turner & the Storm Cloud presents new writing on John Ruskin’s vision of art and its relationship with modern society and a changing environment. As part of the re-evaluation of Ruskin, 200 years after his birth in 1819, art historians, scientists, geographers, artists and curators explore the critic’s lifelong commitment to the painted landscapes of JMW Turner and his own artistic ambitions, as well as his prophetic concerns about the world’s darkening skies, pollution and psychological turbulence.

In 1884 John Ruskin spoke out against an encroaching “Storm Cloud”-a darkening of the skies that he attributed to the belching chimneys of the modern world. The imagery of the pollution-stained sky also allowed Ruskin to articulate the internal distress that seemed to engulf him. His analysis of a “blanched sun, blighted grass [and] blinded man” overwhelmed by a modern “plague-wind” expresses both the visible climatic effects of industrial More …


Auteurs : Piers Bizony, Andrew Chaikin, Roger Launius

Editeur : Taschen

Soixante ans dans l’espace avec la NASA

L’histoire fascinante du programme spatial américain racontée en images

Le 1er octobre 1958, la première agence spatiale civile mondiale est fondée pour riposter en urgence contre le lancement de Spoutnik par l’Union soviétique un an plus tôt. En 10 ans, la National Aeronautics and Space Administration, universellement connue sous l’acronyme NASA, est passée d’un modeste groupe de chercheurs, menant des expériences avec de petites fusées converties, à l’une des plus importantes entreprises technologiques et managériales jamais créée, capable d’envoyer des humains sur la Lune à bord d’énormes fusées et de disperser des robots explorateurs sur Vénus, Mars et plus loin encore. Malgré les quelques revers tragiques qui ont jalonné l’histoire de la NASA, le projet d’alunissage Apollo demeure emblématique de l’ingéniosité américaine; ses navettes spatiales ailées ont été le fer de lance de la station spatiale internationale et son stupéfiant arsenal de satellites astronomiques, d’atterrisseurs robotiques et de programmes d’observation de la Terre ont transformé notre compréhension du cosmos, et de la place qu’y occupe la planète fragile que nous habitons.

Au fil des 60 années d’existence de la NASA, les images ont joué un rôle crucial. Qui, aujourd’hui, n’a jamais été fasciné par les prises de vues de l’univers réalisées par le télescope spatial Hubble, ou les panoramas de Mars, d’une netteté extraordinaire, collectés par les rovers de surface de la NASA? Qui a oublié les clichés des hommes marchant sur la Lune?

Réalisé en collaboration avec la NASA, ce recueil réunit plus de 400 photos historiques et des schémas de conception, scannés et remasterisés grâce aux techniques les plus perfectionnées, puis reproduits en très grand format. Les textes signés du journaliste scientifique Piers Bizony, de l’ancien historien en chef de la NASA Roger Launius et de l’auteur à succès et spécialiste d’Apollo Andrew Chaikin, accompagnés d’une liste détaillée des principales missions spatial More …


Artist(s): Oscar Murillo

Contributor(s): Victor Wang

Publisher : David Zwirner Books

The Colombian-born, London-based artist Oscar Murillo is known for an inventive practice that encompasses paintings, works on paper, installations, actions, live events, collaborative projects, and videos. Taken as a whole, his body of work demonstrates a sustained emphasis on the notion of cultural exchange and the multiple ways in which ideas, languages, and even everyday items are displaced, circulated, and increasingly intermingled.

In recent years, Murillo has traveled extensively throughout the world to research and prepare exhibitions and other projects, making works both in the studio and in unexpected locations. As a result, airplanes, which are able to move more or less freely and without regard for borders, and the contemplative isolation afforded by these long journeys, have become an important site of production for the artist. His large-scale canvases, in turn, are a synthesis in both form and content of his experiences. By combining personal allusions with more universally recognizable references, Murillo aligns these paintings with preceding art-historical movements that conceptualized art not as a hermetic language but rather as a critical tool for interpreting a world outside of itself-comprising, as he notes, “an accumulation of thought, gesture, discourse, action, and motion.”

Through his command of gesture, form, and spatial organization, Murillo is able to convey a complex and nuanced understanding of the specific conditions of globalization and its attendant state of flux, while nevertheless maintaining the universality of human experience within this milieu. Published on the occasion of the artist’s exhibition of paintings and works on paper at David Zwirner, Hong Kong, in 2018, the build-up of content and information is accompanied by an essay by curator and writer Victor Wang, who attests to Murillo’s work as being guided by mobility. This publication is available in both English only and bilingual English/traditional Chinese editions.


Oscar Murillo’s practice is closely connected to a notion of community stem More …


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Publisher : Karma, New York, 2018

The latest in Karma’s acclaimed series of overviews, this 424-page clothbound volume is the first comprehensive survey of New York-based minimalist painter Paul Mogensen (born 1941). Born in Los Angeles, Mogensen arrived in New York in 1966 already associated with such peers as David Novros and (through Novros) Brice Marden. His first solo exhibition at the Bykert Gallery came the following year. Since that time, Mogensen has created often colorful works that follow rule-based progressions (such as the “n + 1″ method) to generate sharply executed geometric abstractions.

In a text for this volume, the artist Lynda Benglis usefully summarizes the special character of Mogensen’s art: “Paul is a colorist who is measured in his method. It may be said that he is a decorative painter as well a painter of a philosophical disposition. He is stringent in his approach, as stringent as a mechanic might be with a Ferrari. There are no accidents.”


Paul Mogensen was born in Los Angeles in 1941, and was first represented in New York by the legendary Bykert Gallery from the time of its founding in 1966 until its closing in 1975. The use of mathematically-based systems of ordering and progression have bee More …


Publisher : Paul Holberton

Patricia Wengraf is one of the world’s leading dealers in bronzes, sculpture and works of art. In her particular speciality, bronzes of the 15th-18th centuries, her knowledge and connoisseurship are of world repute. This exquisite catalogue - the first sales catalogue ever published by the dealer - presents a selection of exceptional works. Accompanies an exhibition in New York City.

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Format (cm): 30 x 24.5

Pages: 120 pages, 100 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-911300-55-7