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Author :  Karin Serres, Barnaby Wright, Merlin James

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

Chaïm Soutine (1893-1943) was one of the most significant modern painters in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. During this period, he produced a series of extraordinary portraits of cooks, waiters, bellboys and other staff from France’s golden age of grand hotels and fashionable restaurants. These paintings have long been considered some of the artist’s most iconic works. Soutine posed his sitters in their distinctive uniforms, from cooks in whites to bellboys in vibrant reds.

Through his remarkably vivid brushwork, Soutine contrasted their professional attire with a deeply felt sense of their individual characters and the toil of their working lives. He was the only artist to make these quintessentially modern workers a major subject of avant-garde painting. This catalogue is the first publication devoted to this important portrait series and accompanies the exhibition Soutine’s Portraits : Cooks, Waiters & Bellboys at The Courtauld Gallery, London.

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Format (cm): 21*26


ISBN: 978-1-911300-21-2



Author :  Jacqueline Riding

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

Joseph Highmore (1692-1780) is best known as a portrait painter of the Georgian middle class. During the 1740s, however, his art radically shifted, reflecting his involvement with London’s new Foundling Hospital - of which he was a governor - and its mission as a refuge for ‘exposed and deserted young children”. Through his art and writings Highmore explored the circumstances - from the trauma of sexual assault to the terror of public disgrace - by which parents, particularly unmarried mothers, would be driven to abandon or even murder their new-born infants.

This culminated in a work of exceptional power, The Angel of Mercy, the centrepiece of this book.

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Format (cm): 21*26

Pages: 128

ISBN: 978-1-911300-28-1



Author :  Max Bryant

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

The depth of history at Queen Anne’s Gate is unusual even in London, and few houses resonate with more memories than the extraordinary No. 14. The story of the house over the centuries features political revolutionaries, occult initiations, clandestine war meetings, and a severed head. It begins, however, as a museum of Roman sculpture, unrivalled outside Italy, designed for the connoisseur and virtuoso Charles Townley (1737-1805).

Townley embodied Enlightenment values perhaps more completely than any other figure in the art world of eighteenth-century Britain - his portrait by Johann Zoffany is one of the iconic paintings of the period - yet remarkably he has never been the subject of a major publication.

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Format (cm): 22*26

Pages: 127

ISBN: 978-1-911300-32-8



Author :  Simon Reynolds

Publisher: Faber & Faber

At the dawn of the 1970s, glam smashed through the faded denim dream of the hippie era - an eruption of alien glamour, gender mayhem and thrilling music that changed pop for ever. Shock and Awe takes the reader on a wild tour of the era, chronicling the exploits of its flamboyant personalities. Simon Reynolds explores how artists such as David Bowie, T. Rex, Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, Sparks, The Sweet, and New York Dolls celebrated illusion and self-invention over authenticity, revelling in artifice and spectacle.

And he charts the reverberations of glam themes - fame, decadence, extreme fashion, theatrical excess - as they continue to influence pop today.

Pages: 687

ISBN: 978-0-571-30172-0


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Authors : Verity Elson, Rosemary Shirley

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

The rural idyll occupies a deeply rooted place in the collective imagination. This highly original and vibrant study examines how key moments in art history hâve shaped our understanding of the British countryside and how contemporary artists continue to access and often challenge this concept.

From High Art to propaganda, garden centres to air fresheners, contemporary art to computer games - a constellation of powerful images and ideas contribute to our understandings of the rural. This publication offers new ways of thinking about how ideas of the countryside have been formed and how they are reflected in contemporary culture, through the innovative intégration of historié works by artists including Constable, Gainsborough and Stubbs, works of modem British art, together with contemporary responses to rural life and landscape by artists such as Mat Collishaw, Grayson Perry, Anna Fox and Alison Goldfrapp. Crucially, this volume enters this rich array of artworks into a productive dialogue with a range of visual cultures that populate everyday life, exploring how the imagery of the mral idyll is re-enacted. adapted and used today.

QratnÊgtbeCtmntiyside features new writing from a variety of disciplines,

irheres of an history, rural history, îiterature and contemporary art. Imerspersed throughout the publication are séries of interviews with artists who are workdng with the rural in innovative ways, offering a stimulating range of new perspectives on the rôle and importance of the countryside in contemporary culture.

The publication features artists whose work spanns nearly four centuries, including r.i’.t- Allingham, William Blake, Edward Burra, Rebecca Chesney, George Cîausen, Wifiiam Collins, Mat Collishaw, John Constable, Evelyn Dunbar, Anna Fox, Thomas Gainsborough, James Guthrie, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Josef Herman, Paul Hill, Sigrid Hohnwood, Horockses, Hilary Jack, Peter Kennard, Delaine Le Bas, Ciare Leighton, Claude Lorrain, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Jean-François Millet, MyVillages, Frank Newbould, Samuel Palmer, Grayson Perry, John Pettie, John Piper, Ingrid Pollard, Paul Reas, John Robertson Reid, Andy Sewell, Jo Spence, Stanley Spencer, George Stubbs, Graham Sutherland, Homer Sykes, Edward Arthur Walton and John Wyndham. More …

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Author :  Sam Smiles

Publisher : Paul Holberton Publishing

Presenting the best and most imaginative creative responses by artists to the British prehistoric landscape over the last 250 years. This is the first significant publication to range over the entire field - including images of Stonehenge, Avebury, the Uffington White Horse and other prehistoric landmarks -by the likes of Turner, Constable, Blake, Nash, Ravlious, Piper, Hepworth, Moore, Inshaw, Jarman, Deller and Long.

Published to accompany an exhibition at the Salisbury Museum, British Art: Ancient Landscapes explores the most significant works of art engaged with prehistoric monuments across Britain from the 18th century to the 21st. While some of the works in the earlier period may be familiar to readers - especially Turner’s and Constable’s famous watercolors of Stonehenge - the varied responses to British Antiquity since 1900 are much less well known.

_In this volume Sam Smiles shows the significance of antiquity not just for 19th-century artists but for 20th-century artists, demonstrating how they responded to the observable features of prehistoric Britain and exploited their potential for imaginative re-interpretation. The classic phase of modernist interest in these sites and monuments was the 1930s, but a number of artists working after WWII developed this legacy or were stimulated to explore that landscape in new ways. Indeed, it continues to stimulate responses and the book concludes with an examination of works made within the last few years. More …


Publisher : Gestalten

The title says it all: one man, one bike, one long ride, the adventure, the pleasure, and the pain. It is simultaneouslya travelogue and visual journey. Martijn Doolaard traded the convenience of a car and the distractions of daily life for a cross-continental cycling journey: a biped adventure that would take him from Amsterdam to Singapore. Leaving behind repetitive routines, One Year on a Bike indulges in slow travel, the subtlety of a gradually changing landscape, and the lessons learned through traveling. Venturing through Eastern European fields of yellow rapeseed to the intimate hosting culture and community in Iran, One Year on a Bike is a vivid chronicle of what can happen when the norm is pointedly replaced by exceptional self-discoveries and beautiful scenery. Doolaard shares the gear and knowledge that made his trip possible alongside the passionate curiosities that served as his impetus.

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Author :  Tania Fares,  Sarah Mower

Publisher : Phaidon

An unprecedented and intimate behind-the-scenes look at London designer fashion over the last fifteen years, edited by Tania Fares and Sarah Mower and profiling 50 leading London fashion designers, from Paul Smith and Stella McCartney to Erdem and Simone Rocha.

London has long been a fashion-world capital, and the past fifteen years have been an especially fertile period in its centuries-long history of setting trends. This stunning book is an all-access pass into the world of designer fashion - an exclusive behind-the-scenes studio tour that calls in on fifty of the city’s leading design talents - London-based global superstars - all of whom open up about their practice and philosophy, and share a wealth of images from their private collections. More …


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Auteur :  Jordy Meow

Editeur : JonGlez

Généralement, le Japon est considéré comme un pays où le monde moderne et les traditions anciennes se combinent harmonieusement, d’une manière à la fois surprenante et fascinante. Pourtant, bien que le rythme soutenu du changement technologique, social et culturel qu’a connu le pays au cours du XXe siècle ait permis au Japon de progresser dans tous les domaines, nombre d’établissements, d’industries, voire, même, de villes, ont été désertés. Jordy Meow a exploré ces lieux oubliés et, par ses photographies, dévoile un monde perdu qui, pourtant, fut récemment en plein essor. Abandoned Japan constitue donc une source

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Early childhood care and education (ECCE) has become a key concern for education policy-makers and stakeholders. There is mounting research evidence on its benefits for children’s capacities and educational achievements as well as its critical role in realizing equitable, quality education and lifelong learning. Addressing the themes of investment rationales, equity and quality, this book features various lessons from research and experience from different continents. It argues for reversing the trend of ‘investing against evidence’ so that children - and especially the disadvantaged ones - and societies can reap the proven benefits of quality ECCE.

298 pages

Format: 23 x 15 cm

2015, 978-92-3-100113-0