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Publisher : Paul Holberton

Patricia Wengraf is one of the world’s leading dealers in bronzes, sculpture and works of art. In her particular speciality, bronzes of the 15th-18th centuries, her knowledge and connoisseurship are of world repute. This exquisite catalogue - the first sales catalogue ever published by the dealer - presents a selection of exceptional works. Accompanies an exhibition in New York City.

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Format (cm): 30 x 24.5

Pages: 120 pages, 100 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-911300-55-7



Auteur: Yori Moriarty

Editeur : PromoPress

Découvrez les riches significations cachées dans le monde énigmatique de l’irezumi.  Un catalogue et un voyage visuels à travers la culture japonaise du tatouage avec Yori Moriarty, disciple d’Horitoshi d’Osaka.

La relation intime du tatouage japonais avec le monde ténébreux des yakuzas a contribué à couvrir cette forme d’expression artistique d’un voile de mystère. Mais la culture de l’irezumi est profonde et riche en sens, en formes et en motifs qui sont passés de l’impression en couleur sur des blocs de bois à l’application sur la peau pour embellir et protéger. Cet ouvrage riche en illustrations révèle le sens et les secrets des motifs les plus importants du tatouage traditionnel japonais, comme les créatures mythologiques et surnaturelles, les animaux, les divinités bouddhistes, les fleurs et les personnages historiques, pour transformer cette forme d’art en chemin vers la connaissance et l’expression de soi. Les lecteurs découvriront l’origine et le sens de chaque représentation visuelle des thèmes les plus récurrents dans cet art. Ce livre commence avec un bref aperçu de l More …


Author : Christina Nielsen

Publisher : Paul Holberton

In the winter of 1903, shortly after the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum first opened to the public, John Singer Sargent used the Gothic Room of the museum as a studio. Among the portraits he painted was one of Isabella’s dear friends, Gretchen Osgood Warren. This finely illustrated gem of a publication explores these three remarkable friends: Isabella Stewart Gardner, the museum’s founder and patroness of the arts, John Singer Sargent, premier portrait painter and the museum’s first artist-in-residence, and Gretchen Osgood Warren, a highly accomplished Gilded Age woman.

The collection at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum includes an astonishing array of objects, including renowned paintings, rare books, sculpture, and decorative arts, as well as more personal items such as collected letters, Isabella’s own correspondence, and ephemera. Mirroring Isabella’s inimitable gallery installations, this publication uses both fine and decorative art, photographs, and correspondence to provide a snapshot in time of the first few years of the museum, in which the collection and its carefully curated spaces inspired new works of art.

As the museum’s first artist-in-residence, Sargent fulfilled Gardner’s hopes for a new kind of cultural institution in Boston, one that would inspire creativity, cultivate artistic talent, and bring joy to artists and amateurs alike. Sargent painted five portraits during his stay at the museum and John Templeman Coolidge, a friend of Gardner’s, captured Sargent at work in the Gothic Room in seven candid photographs. Cigarette in mouth, brush in More …


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Author :  Barbara Kingsolver

Publisher : Faber & Faber


2016 Vineland

Meet Willa Knox, a woman who stands braced against an upended world that seems to hold no mercy for her shattered life and family - or the crumbling house that contains her.

1871 Vineland

Thatcher Greenwood, the new science teacher, is a fervent advocate of the work of Charles Darwin, and he is keen to communicate his ideas to his students. But those in power in Thatcher’s small town have no desire for a new world order. Thatcher and his teachings are not welcome.

Both Willa and Thatcher resist the prevailing logic. Both are asked More …


Author :  Joe Moruzzi, Brendon Parry

Publisher : Hardie Grant

SMASH IT with the new stars of cheesecake!

Joe and Brendon have reinvented the cheesecake for a new generation with their massively successful Pleesecakes. Their inventive toppings and out-of-this-world flavour combinations will have you drooling with anticipation, and they couldn’t be easier to make.

Pleesecakes’ first book features over 60 of the boys’ wildly popular no-bake recipes - once you’ve got the base and the basics, you’re SORTED. Pile the toppings high and enjoy! From boozy riffs on cocktails (Mojito, Baileys, Daq attack) and breakfast (cappuccino and build More …

# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / Did You See Melody

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Author : Sophie Hannah

Publisher : Hodder Paperbacks

The stunning new pageturner from the Queen of Psychological Suspense.

Pushed to breaking point, Cara Burrows abandons her home and family and escapes to a five-star spa resort she can’t afford. Late at night, exhausted and desperate, she lets herself into her hotel room and is shocked to find it already occupied - by a man and a teenage girl.

A simple mistake on the part of the hotel receptionist - but Cara’s fear intensifies when she works out that the girl she saw alive and well in the hotel room is someone she can’t possibly have seen: the most famous murder victim in the country, Melody Chapa, whose parents are serving life sentences for her murder.

Cara doesn’t know what to trust: everything she’s read and heard about the case, or t More …

# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / The Bad Daughter

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Author :  Joy Fielding

Publisher : Zaffre Books



Robin Davis hasn’t spoken to her family in six years.

Not since it happened.

Then they’re attacked; left fighting for their lives.

And Robin is back.

All families have their secrets.

And one of theirs may have put them all in terrible danger . . .


# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / Live Show, Drink Included

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Author : Vicky Grut

Publisher : Holland Park Press

For the stories in this collection Vicky Grut takes inspiration from a range of often ordinary situations and explores how easily things can go awry or take an unexpected turn. The stories veer from the realistic to the surreal, and nothing is quite what it seems.

Be prepared to be not only entertained but also taken by surprise when reading the fourteen mini-novels in this collection.

‘Here comes a bold collection of compelling stories from a prize-winning author. Her locations and landscapes range across work and domestic settings, friendships and marriages erupt in quarrels that are resolved in startling denouements. Her readers are in for a treat - and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, thrills and surprises.’ - Patricia Duncker

‘Some are dark and disturbing tales of lives viewed from under the mad end of a m More …

# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / The Houses Along the Wall

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Author :  Karen Hayes

Publisher : Holland Park Press

The poems in The Houses Along the Wall create a fictional history for sixteen of the houses along the Parrog near Newport, Pembrokeshire.

From a man who quits drinking to marry his love, the life of ferryman Jack Price, Belgian immigrants, the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh and Ondara House to a poem about a final resting place outside St Mary’s Church, Newport.

Together these poems celebrate a disappearing Welsh community through wonde More …

# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / Bruce Springsteen - The Day I Was There

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Author:  Neil Cossar

Publisher: This Day in Music Books

Bruce Springsteen has sold more than 120 million records worldwide, and has earned numerous awards for his work, including 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes and an Academy Award, as well as being inducted into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This book features over 250 accounts from fans that have witnessed a Bruce Springsteen live show. From late Sixties concerts in New Jersey right through to his marathon shows from recent times, fans from the USA, UK, Australia and Europe share fascinating anecdotes, stories, photographs and memorabilia that have never been published before and tell us about their experiences of seeing one of the world’s greatest live acts.


Neil Cossar a former musician was the guitarist in the late 70’s - 80’s group The Cheaters, (who signed to Parlophone Records, but never troubled the charts). Continually giging in 1982, were awarded ‘Hardest working band of the year’ by BBC Rad More …