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# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / Stone. Bread. Salt.

Posted by AT on Jeudi 23 août 2018


Author : Norbert Hirschhorn

Publisher : Holland Park Press

In this very personal collection of poems Norbert Hirschhorn takes stock of his life and gives voice to his quest to pass on the experiences of the generations before him.

Norbert Hirschhorn experiments with rhyme and metre, free verse and prose poems, yet they all are in his inimitable voice, and together they tell a story.

This collection sweeps you along from London to New York and the Middle East and back again. At some points Hirschhorn almost literally stops readers in their tracks by using the + sign.

What makes this collection extra special is Norbert Hirschhorn’s work on translating four of Fouad M Fouad’s poems from the Arabic.

Each poem can be savoured on its own but together they paint a picture of a thoughtful poet  and American Health Hero (to quote Bill Clinton) trying to catch the essence of life to hand it down to the next generations.

‘As I approach my ninth decade of life J am aware of the need to share with my descendants the wisdom, texts and lessons handed down by oar ancestors of all religions. The poems in this collection reflect this aim and necessity. ‘ - Norbert Hirschhorn

Praise for his previous collection

‘A remarkable literary and cultural presentation.’ - Jewish Book Council

Ludie and learned, comic and tragic’ - Marilyn Hacker


Norbert Hirschhorn was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1938. His parents escaped the Nazi regime by moving to London, where the family spent the war years before they were able to immigrate to the United States.

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 80

ISBN: 9781907320767


# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / Space Inhabited by Echoes

Posted by AT on Jeudi 23 août 2018


Author : Karen Jennings

Publisher : Holland Press

Space Inhabited by Echoes is a frank and poignant collection of autobiographical poems that

transport the reader across two continents, and the vast internal shifts that accompany love, loss and translocation.

It tracks the author’s relationships, their tentative beginnings, the blooming and withering of love, the shifts between different emotional landscapes, and deals with the shocks and adjustments involved in emigrating from South Africa to Brazil in order to be with the person you love.

The collection shows the gradual shifts the author makes as she reaches out into her new environment, taking comfort and inspiration from the flora and fauna around her.

In the final poems Karen Jennings revisits family ties back in South Africa, as the author contemplates those who shaped her: her mother, grandfather, a ghost twin, and deals with the surprise of a newly discovered relative.

From the reviews

‘Her poems display a virtuosity and depth that many poets only reach later in their careers.’ - Kobus Moolman

‘This is a breath-taking debut. With simplicity and control, Karen Jennings presents human emotions in all their messy glory: she writes with piercing clarity and honesty ‘ - Helen Moffett


Karen Jennings was born in Cape Town in 1982. She holds Master’s degrees in both English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town, and a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 70

ISBN: 9781907320774