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# EIPA – CONFRONTATIONS / In Praise of Blood

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Author : Judi Rever

Publisher : Random House Canada

A stunning work of investigative reporting by a Canadian journalist who has risked her own life to bring us a deeply disturbing history of the Rwandan genocide that takes the true measure of Rwandan head of state Paul Kagame.

Through unparalleled interviews with RPF defectors, former soldiers and atrocity survivors, supported by documents leaked from a UN court, Judi Rever brings us the complete history of the Rwandan genocide. Considered by the international community to be the saviours who ended the Hutu slaughter of innocent Tutsis, Kagame and his rebel forces were also killing, in quiet and in the dark, as ruthlessly as the Hutu genocidaire were killing in daylight. The rea son why the larger world community hasn’t recognized this truth? Kagame and his top commanders effectively covered their tracks and, post-genocide, rallied world guilt and played the heroes in order to attract funds to rebuild Rwanda and to maintain and extend the Tutsi sphere of influence in the region.

Judi Rever, who has followed the story since 1997, has marshalled irrefutable evidence to show that Kagame’s own troops shot down the presidential plane on April 6, 1994–the act that put the match to the genocidal flame. And she proves, without a shadow of doubt, that as Kagame and his forces slowly advanced on the capital of Kigali, they were ethnically cleansing the country of Hutu men, women and children in order that returning Tutsi settlers, displaced since the early ’60s, would have homes and land. This book is heartbreaking, chilling and necessary.


JUDI REVER is a freelance print and broadcast journalist who started her career with Radio France Internationale before working for the wire service Agence France-Presse, reporting from Africa and the Middle East. Her reporting on Rwanda has been featured in seven front-page stories in the Globe and Mail over the past three years, and she has been named a country of origin information expert on Rwanda by the Rights in Exile Programme, which promotes the legal protection of refugees. Her work has also appeared in Foreign Policy Journal, Le Monde Diplomatique, Humanosphere, Digital Journal and the Africa Report.

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Pages: 288

ISBN: 9780345812094



Auteur : Freddy Vinet

Editeur : Vendémiaire

50 à 100 millions de morts sur l’ensemble de la planète en à peine plus d’un an, dont 250 000 en France. Cette hécatombe foudroyante, dont les victimes sont au moins deux fois plus nombreuses que celles des tranchées de la Grande Guerre, n’est pas due au canon des fusils ni au fer des baïonnettes. L’épidémie connue sous le nom de grippe espagnole, qui frappe durant les derniers mois du conflit, d’avril 1918 à juin 1919, atteint tous les continents, de l’Europe jusqu’aux îles les plus reculées du Pacifique. Fauchant principalement de jeunes adultes dans la force de l’âge, elle entraîne la mort de 2 à 5 % de la population mondiale.

Épisode majeur, épidémie la plus meurtrière depuis la Peste noire de 1348, la Grande Grippe est pourtant aujourd’hui refoulée de la mémoire collective. À l’heure où les épidémies mondiales constituent encore une menace pour l’humanité, quelles leçons retenir de cet événement qui reste aujourd’hui la More …