Auteur :  Christian Byk

Editeur : Eska


Differing perspectives oOn the embryo 40 years after the veil law

foreword - Sophie PARICARD

philosophical aspects - Why the embryo is a issue? - Marc GRASSIn


Chapter 1

Abortion at a time of globalisation - Susanna MAnCInI

Chapter 2

The embryo in abortion legislation - Daniel VIGneAu

Chapter 3

Governing the Research on embryos - X. BIOY and e. RIAL-SeBBAG

Chapter 4

The embryo, object of researches: a look at patents. Alexandra MenDOzA-CAMInADe

Chapter 5

Diagnosis on the embryo and the foetus: its consequences. Israël nISAnD

Chapter 6

Prenatal diagnostics, the risks of progress - Bénédicte BÉVIÈRe-BOYeR

Chapter 7

The frozen embryo in the light of a jurist: beyond qualification. Claire neIRInCK

General perspectives on the embryo

Chapter 8

The embryo and the fœtus in criminal law - G. RouJou de BouBÉe

Chapter 9

The embryo in comparative law - Wanda MAStOR

Chapter 10

The embryo, a particular thing - A. MARAIS

Chapter 11

The impossible status of the embryo or the state withdrawal to the profit of vested interests - Bérengère LeGROS


Format (cm): 15*21

Pages: 193

ISBN: 978-2-7472-2750-6


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