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Author : Vicky Grut

Publisher : Holland Park Press

For the stories in this collection Vicky Grut takes inspiration from a range of often ordinary situations and explores how easily things can go awry or take an unexpected turn. The stories veer from the realistic to the surreal, and nothing is quite what it seems.

Be prepared to be not only entertained but also taken by surprise when reading the fourteen mini-novels in this collection.

‘Here comes a bold collection of compelling stories from a prize-winning author. Her locations and landscapes range across work and domestic settings, friendships and marriages erupt in quarrels that are resolved in startling denouements. Her readers are in for a treat - and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, thrills and surprises.’ - Patricia Duncker

‘Some are dark and disturbing tales of lives viewed from under the mad end of a microscope, others are more of a glimpse of lives gone sideways.’ - Alexei Sayle

‘These delicious, dark, funny and affecting stories - reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor - remind us that life does not come with simple solutions and that often it is in the terrifying messiness that we are the most alive.’ - Tania Hershman

‘Subtle and often sinister, these stories - full of arresting images that have stayed with me - take an oblique and unexpected look at current issues.’ - Emma Healey


Vicky Grut was born in South Africa and lived in Madagascar and Italy before moving to England in 1980 to study fine art at Goldsmiths. She has worked in community arts, for a small independent publisher, as a freelance editor, in the London office of the New Yorker magazine, as a creative writing tutor and a lecturer in several universities, including the London South Bank University and the University of Greenwich. Her first short story was published in 1994 in Metropolitan magazine and since then her work has appeared in new writing collections and literary magazines around the world, including collections published by Picador, Granta, Duckworth, Serpents’ Tail and Bloomsbury. Vicky was twice a finalist for the Asham Award. “Into the Valley” was listed as a Notable Essays of 2012 in Best American Essays 2013. “In the Current Climate” won the Holland Park Press “I is Another” contest in 2015. Her novel-in-progress Human Geography was shortlisted for the 2017 Caledonia Novel Award.

Bibliographic Details

Format (cm): 22 x 14

Pages: 165

ISBN: 9781907320798


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