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Author(s) : Vanessa Mooncie

Publisher : Guild of Master Craftsman (GMC) Publications

If you’re looking for a beautiful and faithful companion then these gorgeous crocheted dogs have the right pedigree. Just as loyal and charming as the real thing, these 10 crocheted canines are sure to be everyone’s best friend.

Each project includes detailed patterns, stunning photographs and helpful hand-drawn charts. There is also an extensive techniques section explaining all the stitches and techniques you’ll need to make your perfect pooch.

Designs include: a dachshund, whose black and tan markings are formed by crocheting in rows and carrying the unused yarn across the wrong side of the work; a chihuahua with a round apple-shaped head and ears that stand upright; a Yorkshire terrier, whose hair is formed by adding tassels to the head, neck body and tops of legs and can be trimmed to any length desired; and a poodle, which uses a combination of double crochet and chain stitches to form a clipped coat. The dogs could easily be customised using different yarn colours and textures to match a pet or to make a gift for a friend.


Vanessa Mooncie spent many happy hours as a child sitting with her mother and grandmother learning to knit and crochet. She went on to study fashion and textile design and became a children’s clothes designer, illustrator and interior designer. Vanessa now specialises in silkscreen work and designing crochet jewellery. She lives with her family in a rural village in the south of England. Vanessa has written many books including Crocheted Wild Animals, Sew Adorable, Crocheted Sea Creatures, Animal Heads, Simple Tailoring & Alterations and The Gentleman’s Wardrobe for GMC Publications. She is also a regular contributor to other craft books and magazines. www.vanessamooncie.com

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Format (cm): 25.4 * 20.3

Pages: 160

ISBN: 978-1-78494-566-4







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