Author(s) : Nele Braas, Eveline Hetty-Burkart

Publisher : Stackpole Books

This is the ultimate collection of crochet stitch inspiration! 440 stitches are presented in color, each with a sample swatch of the fabric and charted instructions with notes and detailed chart keys. Divided into ten chapters by the type of stitches, such as shells, waves and chevrons, openwork, cables and textures, and even borders and granny squares, this collection boasts a vast variety of stitches, well organized and presented in an easy-to-use fashion. You’ll reference this indispensable resource again and again!


Nele Braas studied graphic design and photography in college. After completing her studies she did editorial work in various photo editorial departments. Then, she worked as a freelance photographer in the field of architecture, interior, garden, and people for various lifestyle magazines. She learned to crochet and knit as a child and then stopped, before beginning again later in life. She finds the most fun in creating her own designs and making usable pieces.

Eveline Hetty-Burkart works as a freelance editor and author for magazine and book publishers. Her field of work encompasses a wide variety of handicraft techniques from the design through the creative implementation to the manual. Crochet is her favorite. She lives with her husband and son near Hamburg.

Bibliographic Details

Format (cm): 22 * 28

Pages: 272

ISBN: 9780811738699


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