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Report & photos EIPA

A event organised by CARACAS

Following 18 months of work, the re-opening of the legendary Hôtel Le Berger is

organised on this January 26, 2012.

Built in 1935 as a hotel de rendez-vous, the Hôtel Le Berger will be re-opening after a complete restoration and with new hostelry prospects.

Decorated in art deco style, in an intimate atmosphere, the hotel retained all of its décor

up to the time it closed on 31 December 2009.

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The press conference and the opening reception on :

Visit of the Hôtel Le Berger and its Art Deco rooms :

[23:04:01] Antosel Tatiana:

It had been run with quiet professionalism over a period of forty years by M. Freddy Martens, who is the living memory of the property.

The Hôtel Le Berger was purchased at the start of 2010 by Jean Michel André for the

hotel group that also owns TheWhiteHotel in Brussels ( ) and the

Château de la Poste in Maillen ( ). This Belgian group has seven

private shareholders. The renovation work began several months later.

The architect in charge of the renovation was Olivia Gustot (

The interior architecture was placed in the hands of Zurich designer Martina Nievergelt (

The spirit of the renovation was to retain as many of the typical elements

as possible in order to reconstitute the almost film-like atmosphere of the 1930s

decoration. The characteristics of a hôtel de rendez-vous are being preserved: double

lifts so that guests do not inadvertently run into each other, open bathrooms, suggestive

decoration, mirrors on the edge of the bath, etc. The hotel was totally renovated to meet

the requirements of the XXI century in terms of comfort and safety (Wi-Fi, private

bathrooms, high-quality linen, soundproofing, televisions, etc.). Jean Michel André’s

objective was to offer visitors a stay in the legendary ambience of the past while having

the contemporary comfort standards.

The Hôtel Le Berger is a truly unique property in Brussels, where there are a thousand

repetitions of standard, antiseptic decors offered by chain hotels using contemporary

designs. The hotel has 50 rooms, which is the same number of rooms as it had in the

past, and each one has a unique decor. The size of the rooms has not been changed, and

some of the period furniture has also been preserved.



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